Jun.Prof. Dr. Florian Diekert

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Room: 217 (FZU)

Bergheimer Str. 20

D-69115 Heidelberg

Phone: +49-(0)6221-54-8013

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Research Interests

  • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
  • Sustainable Development
  • Game Theory

My work centers on humans and their inter-relations with the social and natural environment. With the help of the ERC Starting Grant “NATCOOP”, I aim to generate a better understanding of how nature shapes preferences and incentives of economic agents and how this in turn affects common-pool resource management.

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Education and Employment

  • since August 2016: Assistant Professor (Junior Professor) AWI, Heidelberg University
  • Oct 2011 – July 2016: PostDoc/Assistant Professor Uni Oslo
  • Oct 2011 PhD in Economics, University of Oslo
  • Nov 2007 MPhil in Economics, University of Oslo
  • Aug 2005 BA in International Relations, TU Dresden
  • June 2001 Abitur, Kepler Gymnasium Tübingen


Selected publications (full list)


  • Diekert F, and Schweder T (2017): Disentangling the effects of policy reform and environmental changes in the Norwegian coastal cod fishery, Land Economics, vol.\ 93(4), pp.689-709

  • Diekert F (2012): Growth Overfishing: The race to fish extends to the dimension of size. Environmental and Resource Economics, vol. 52, pp. 549-572.


Selected work in progress and submitted papers:


  • Diekert F, König-Kersting C, and Goeschl, T: Awareness of human cause helps avoid system collapse

  • Diekert F, Eymess T: Changing collective action – Norm Nudges and Team Decisions, AWI Discussion Paper Series No. 709, December 2021.
  •  Diekert F, Heyen D, Nesje F, and Shayegh S: Early warning signals

  • Diekert F and RJ: Does nature shape risk- and social preferences? Evidence from Chile, Norway and Tanzania

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