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Research Group on Education in Schools

Welcome to the Research Group on Education in Schools

On this website, you will find all the relevant information about our research group, including our focus on school improvement, professional development, diversity, democracy, and inclusion in schools.

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Research Group on Education in Schools

Our research group on Education in Schools focuses on school improvement and teacher professional development from an international perspective.

  • Our approach is based on educational theory and uses academic research to develop new approaches that will work in real-life school settings.
  • We are a team that brings together national and international partners to advance educational research projects.
  • We cooperate with schools and education authorities, both in Germany and abroad.
  • We provide university students with both a profound knowledge of educational processes and the skills to research, question, and improve current practice.
  • We supervise Bachelor’s and Master’s theses as well as Ph.D. dissertations.
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