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Taiwan Lecture Series

The Taiwan Lecture Series is and has been supported by the Taiwan Studies Program through the Taiwan Spotlight Program and by the Chiang Ching Kuo Foundation. It consists of lecture series on Taiwan by scholars from Taiwan (Chengchi Daxue, Taiwan Daxue, Academia Sinica, and others) and contributions from the Taiwan Studies Program at SOAS in London. The program is a collaboration between SOAS, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Tübingen, and the University of Heidelberg. Articles on the Taiwan Lecture Series by faculty and students who have participated in the lecture series are published at irregular intervals as Taiwan Lecture Series Working Papers Online (TLSWPO).

In Heidelberg, students can earn an upper division/major seminar credit for MATS/Sinology through this Taiwan Lecture Series. For this, all parts of the respective Lecture Series announced in the course catalog must be attended, reading preparation must be demonstrated for each session by writing abstracts (300 words per text reading), and at the end students write a seminar paper (with their own bibliographical and research performance and taking Chinese-language materials into account). All certificates of achievement are submitted to and corrected by Professor Mittler, who initiated and supervises the program, and the topic of the term paper is agreed upon with her.

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Taiwan Lecture Series

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