Prof. Dr. Gotelind Müller-Saini

Tel.: +49 (06221) 54-15323

E-Mail:  mueller-saini [at]

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Research Interests


  • modern Chinese history and history of ideas
  • Sino-Japanese-Western cultural exchange

Specific areas of publications

  • education, media and historical consciousness
  • Buddhism and Christianity in modern Chinese history
  • anarchism, terrorism and gender
  • history of terms and concepts (e.g. “race”)
  • cultural brokers (e.g. Gu Hongming, Lin Yutang, Hasegawa Teru, Ba Jin)
  • Esperanto and language policies
  • Chinese cultural relations with Japan since the 19th century
  • Chinese perceptions of Russia /the Soviet Union
  • China and the Russo-Japanese War
  • Cultural heritage
  • Foreigners' cemeteries in Macau/ Hong Kong/ Taiwan/ Mainland China
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