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We are all Astronauts


“Chris was honoured and flattered to hear that he was the inspiration behind the theme of your conference. (…) On behalf of Chris and everyone at Chris Hadfield Inc., we wish you all the very best in preparation for the big conference!”

Chris Hadfield Inc.

22 Oct, 2015 | Professor Henry Keazor being interviewed in a broadcast by Eberhard Reuß for the local radio station "Kurpfalz Radio / SWR4". ​ podcast

SWR4 Baden-Württemberg

20 Jul, 2021 | Two US billionaires have flown into space. A space tourism industry could emerge soon. The danger that this will only be something for the children of the super-rich has already become apparent. But there are also alternative concepts. Gesa Ufer interviewing Henry Keazor, editor of the book We are all Astronauts about the figure of the astronaut in art and media. ​ podcast

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