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We are all Astronauts


"We are all astronauts"
The Image of the Space Traveller in Arts and Media

Heidelberg University, 22. – 25. October, 2015

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Please note
Unfortunately, we received the sad news that Prof. Sobchack will for health reasons not be able to give the conference's opening lecture as advertised. Matthew H. Hersch, Harvard University (Cambrigde, Mass.), instead will give his talk on Redemptive Space: Duty, Death, and the Astronaut-Soldier, 1949–1969 on Thursday, Oct 22, 2015, 6 pm in the Alte Universität.

Thursday | 22. October 2015

Venue: Alte Universität, Aula, Grabengasse 1

6.00 pm



Welcome address of the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Gerrit Kloss


Matthew H. Hersch (Cambrigde, Mass.)

Redemptive Space: Duty, Death, and the Astronaut-Soldier, 1949–1969

  Afterwards: Reception at the "Bel Etage" of the Rectorate

Friday | 23. October 2015

Saturday | 24. October 2015

Sunday | 25. October 2015


During the Saturday and Sunday of the conference the photographer Sophia Hauk and the political scientist Alexander Hauk, both from Berlin, will present their project “Protestonaut” in the context of a small exhibition. “Protestonaut” is an art project intending to draw attention to important socio-political challenges through photos and texts. The concept: Astronauts are explorers and they have to deal with many tasks. In space, they seem to float above the problems of the blue planet whereas in the “Protestonaut”-project they appear on Earth and face these issues. Anybody can be in the “Protestonaut”-costume: the shop assistant, the cashier, the local politician, the student, the manager, the workless, the teacher, the person of independent means …

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