Everyday Latin Texts from North Africa

Webinar “Everyday Latin Texts from North Africa”

Dr. Rodney Ast
Mo. 16.00 - 18.15 Uhr, Beginn: 14.10.2019
Anmeldung per Mail an Dr. Ast (ast@uni-heidelberg.de) bis zum 01. Oktober

Kommentar: As part of the the University of Heidelberg’s “Webinars in Specialized Disciplines” initiative and in cooperation with the PLATINUM project (ERC-StG 2014 n°636983) in Naples, a webinar will be offered this fall on “Everyday Latin Texts from North Africa.”


Non-inscriptional Latin texts, such as the Albertini Tablets from near Theveste in Algeria and the ostraca from Bu Njem in Libya, are well-known to scholars. Less well known are texts, primarily ostraca dating to the II - VI CE, that have been published mainly in journal articles, many of which first appeared decades ago. This webinar offers a general introduction to these texts. It will include exercises in the decipherment of the script as well as discussion of the historical and cultural context of the ostraca.


The language of instruction is English, and good knowledge of Latin is required. No special equipment besides a computer is necessary but a headset with integrated microphone is strongly recommended. Certificates will be issued upon successful completion of the class.

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