Curriculum Vitae


  • University of Toronto. Classics Department, MA (1997), PhD (2007). 

  • Universität Heidelberg. Institut für Papyrologie, 2000-2001 & Summer 2002.

  • Cambridge University. Classics, 1995-1996.

  • Grinnell College. BA in Classics. Graduated with honors, 1995.


University of Heidelberg

  • Research and Teaching Associate. 2009-

Columbia University

  • Coordinator of the Advanced Papyrological Information System (APIS). 2005-2009.

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Classics. 2007-2009.

  • Curator of the Papyrus Collection. 2008-2009. 

University of Jena

  • Researcher for the DFG-funded Halle-Jena-Leipzig Papyrus Project. 2003-2005.

  • Instructor of Classics and Curator of the Papyrus Collection. 2003-2005.

Field Work

  • Amheida Project. Field papyrologist with the NYU-sponsored excavations at Amheida in Egypt's Dakhleh Oasis.  2009 - present (

  • Berenike Project. Ongoing study and infrared photography of ostraca from Berenike.  With R. Bagnall. 2009 - present

Professional Activities

  • International Seminar on Unpublished Papyri in the Egyptian Museum
        -Cairo, April 3-7, 2011 (instructor)
        -Heidelberg, September 26-30, 2011 (host and instructor)   
  • American Society of Papyrologists, Papyrology Summer School 2011, July 19-23, Provo Utah (invited instructor)

Papers and Workshops

  • “Papyrology and Its Digital Resources," Université Bordeaux 3, November 3, 2011 (invited lecture).

  • “Amheida Ostraca as Dumped Fill," ISAW-NYU, October 13, 2011 (invited lecture).

  • “New Perspectives on the Gemellus Archive:  Sabinus and His Correspondence,” University of Marburg Conference:“Das Fayum in Hellenismus und Kaiserzeit,” May 5, 2011 (invited lecture) (with G. Azzarello). 

  • “Taking Things Day by Day: The Weekday in Greek Documents from the Greco-Roman World,” January 17, 2011, University of Michigan (invited lecture).

  • “Where Do We Go From Here? From Digital Catalogs to an Advanced Research Environment,” January 18, 2011, University of Michigan (invited lecture).

  • A Roman Veteran and his Skillful Administrator: Gemellus and Epagathus in Light of Unpublished Papyri,” 26th International Congress of Papyrology, August 18, Geneva, Switzerland.

  • “Ostraka der Römer- und Vandalenzeit aus Ägypten und Nordafrika,” CONGIARIUM Forschungskolloquium zur Lateinischen Epigraphik und Römischen Geschichte, May 12, 2010, Universität Wien (invited lecture).

  • “Ein Neues Herodas-Fragment in der Yale Sammlung” Deutscher Papyrologentag, July, 30-August 1 2009, Jena.

  • “The Impact of Papyrology on Classics,” Grinnell College, April 2008 (invited lecture).

  • “Conservation, Cataloging, and Imaging of Papyri and Ostraca at The Catholic University of America,” 2 day workshop, January 11-12, 2008, Washington DC (with J. Lougovaya) (invited workshop).

  • “Integrating Distributed Scholarly Content: as a Case Study," Digital Library Federation's Fall Forum, November 7, 2007, Philadelphia. (with S.P. Davis & B. Armintor).

  • “Advanced Papyrological Information System (APIS): The Next Generation,” The XXV International Congress of Papyrology, August 2, 2007, Ann Arbor (poster session).

  • “Present and Future of APIS and the DDBDP,” Digitale Philologie—Probleme und Perspektiven, January 21, 2006, Universität Hamburg (invited paper).

  • “Gegenwart und Zukunft des APIS Projekts,” Workshop Papyrus-Portal, Universität Leipzig, November 19, 2005 (invited paper).

  • “The Papyrus Project in Halle, Jena and Leipzig,” The XXIV International Congress of Papyrology, August 6, 2004, Helsinki.

  • “Jenaer Papyri,” Sommerfest-Vortrag des Instituts für Altertumswissenschaften, July 14, 2004, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena (invited lecture).

  • “Jenaer Inedita,” Tagung der deutschen Papyrologen, May 30-June 1, 2003, Köln.

  • “Bilingual Legal Proceedings,” Reconstructing Ancient Texts: the 37th Annual Conference on Editorial Problems, November 2-3, 2001, University of Toronto (invited lecture).

 Academic Honors and Awards

  • University of Heidelberg:
    Hengstberger Preis (w. Dr. P. Sänger), 2010; DFG - NEH Bilateral Workshops for "Digital Corpus of Literary Papyri" (w. R. Bagnall); DFG-Sponsored SFB 933, Director of "Teilprojekt A02, Antike Briefe als Kommunikationsmedium" 

  • University of Toronto:
    Canadian Social Science and Humanities Research Council Assistantship, 2002-2004; Gilbert Norwood Fellowship, summer 2002 and academic year 2000-2001; Connaught Scholarship, awarded four consecutive years, 1997-2001; Ontario Graduate Scholarship, 1998-1999 and 2000-2002; University of Toronto Open Fellowship. 1996-1997.

  • Grinnell College:
    Grinnell College Trustee Honor Scholarship, 1991-1995; Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. 
    Elected May 1995

Recent Teaching

  • Vorbereitung einer Ausstellung: Ägyptische Magie. 2010 (with A. Jördens).

  • Lektüre ausgewählter Papyri. 2010 - Present.

  • Die Paläographie der lateinischen Papyri. 2009.

  • Elementary Latin. 2008-2009.

  • Greek Papyrology. Columbia University. Spring 2008.

  • Intensive Elementary Latin. Columbia University. Spring 2007, Summer 2009.

  • Latin Papyrology. Columbia University, Spring 2007 (with R. Bagnall and Zs. Varhelyi). 

  • Einführung in die Papyrologie. The Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena. 2003-2004.

  • Papyrologische Übung für Fortgeschrittene. The Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena. 2003-2004 (with J. Hammerstaedt).

  • Introduction to Roman History. University of Toronto. Fall 2002.

  • Introduction to Ecclesiastical Latin. Saint Philip’s Seminary, Toronto. Spring 2002.


  • American Society of Papyrology

  • Association Internationale de Papyrologues (via the ASP)

  • Egypt Exploration Society



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