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Research post "Manuscripts from Alevi Family Archives"

The work of this research post is first of all focused on handwritten sources from Alevi private property which consists mostly of religious writings, notes relevant for rituals, and collections of poems. More...

Material Text Cultures - Matriality and Presence of Writing in non-Typographic Societies
Profession and Training in Islamic Chancery Practice (adab al-kātib) or: Administration as the Ultimate Discipline

The Roots of Citizenship? The Politics of Participation in Syria, Lebanon and Turkey Between Two Ages (1880-1940)

Collaborative research centre 619 Dynamics of Ritual, Subproject C7 (expired):
Transfer of Rituals within Marginalised Religious Groups in Islamic Societies of the Near East and in the Diaspora

The project focuses on the phenomena of the (re-)construction and innovation of rituals among the Alevis, Yezidi and Nusayri within the scope of transregional and transnational processes of ritual transfer. More...

Collaborative research centre 619 Dynamics of Ritual, Subproject C9 (expired):
Ritual Purity in Islam

The project focuses on the ritual complexes in Sunni, i.e. the "orthodox" Islam of the majority, that are related with the concept of "purity" in its different dimensions. More...

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