Functional Material Dynamics


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Functional materials facilitate energy generation, storage and conversion from renewable sources, which provides a path towards a sustainable energy infrastructure. Examples of potential applications are information technologies, solid-state lighting or electro-chemical charge storage. Research in our group targets breakthroughs in material function for disruptive concepts and technologies in these areas.

To this end, we employ a powerful interdisciplinary approach, which combines in-house design and synthesis of tailored materials with characterization of their ultrafast dynamics using state-of-the art optical spectroscopies. This powerful combination facilitates ground-breaking advances in material function and device concepts, while further opening fascinating opportunities to explore fundamental physico-chemical phenomena.


We welcome applications on Postdoc or PhD level, and for Master/Bachelor theses. A background in material science, chemistry or physics is required and experience in advanced optical spectroscopy and/or semiconductor materials is of advantage. If you are interested in joining our dynamic research environment, please send your CV here.


Further information on funding opportunities for Postdocs/PhDs can be found here.


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