Functional Material Dynamics

 Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Coherent Control


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Functional materials tackle the climate challenge by facilitating energy generation, storage and conversion from renewable sources, thereby providing a path towards a sustainable energy infrastructure, for example in solar harvesting, solid state lighting or information technologies.

To this end, research in our group targets breakthroughs in material discovery for disruptive energy technologies. We employ a powerful interdisciplinary approach, which combines in-house design and synthesis of tailored materials with advanced spectroscopic characterization of their dynamic processes. This powerful combination facilitates ground-breaking advances in material functionality, while also opening fascinating new avenues to explore fundamental physical phenomena with relevance for energy applications.

We are constantly looking for new members as Postdocs, PhDs and Master students! If you are interested to join our team and dynamic environment, please send your CV and a motivation statement to Prof. Deschler.


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