Functional Material Dynamics


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Functional materials facilitate energy generation, storage and conversion from renewable sources, which provides a path towards a sustainable energy infrastructure. Examples of potential applications are information technologies, solid-state lighting or electro-chemical charge storage. Research in our group targets breakthroughs in material function for disruptive concepts and technologies in these areas.

To this end, we employ a powerful interdisciplinary approach, which combines in-house design and synthesis of tailored materials with characterization of their ultrafast dynamics using state-of-the art optical spectroscopies. This powerful combination facilitates ground-breaking advances in material function and device concepts, while further opening fascinating opportunities to explore fundamental physico-chemical phenomena.


We welcome applications on PhD level and for Master/Bachelor theses. A background in material science, chemistry or physics is required and experience in advanced optical spectroscopy and/or semiconductor materials is of advantage. If you are interested in joining us, please send your CV here.


There are currently no funded PostDoc positions available. If you are interested in joining the group, more information on funding programs for Postdocs/PhDs can be found here.


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