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We now reach out to the critical stakeholders: policy makers, NGOs, natural resource managers, local research institutes and business actors (in tourism, fisheries, and agriculture) in the Lake Constance and Lake Victoria areas. We want to collaborate towards defining a research agenda relevant for actors around the lake. This is an opportunity to jointly develop solutions that will contribute to the conservation of the lakes.


By getting involved, you will benefit from the chance to:
•    actively shape and contribute to a relevant research agenda 
•    identify and further understand drivers and risks in large lakes
•    have an impact on future management of the lake
•    develop an international network with expert competence
•    participate in scientific publications 


What we ask from you:
•    participation in an open dialogue and access to your expertise, 
•    provision of data, if applicable,
•    a letter of intent to participate in the project if successfully funded


Please get in contact with us to discuss your involvement in this project! 

Lake Victoria
Dr Karlijn van den Broek
Phone: +49 6221 548 017


Lake Constance 
Dr Lisa Björk
Phone: +49 6221 548 017

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