Dr. Bernhard M. Beitelmair-Berini

Email: Beitelmair-Berini@uni-heidelberg.de



Research Fellow

Lecturer in Political Science


Research Interests

Ideas and Identity in the Making of Foreign Policy

Indian Grand Strategy and Strategic Culture

Indian Foreign and Security Policy

The South Asian Security Complex


About Bernhard Beitelmair-Berini

Bernhard Beitelmair-Berini is a research fellow and lecturer at the Political Science Department of the South Asia Institute at Heidelberg University. He holds a Magister degree in Political Science from the University of Salzburg and is currently a PhD Candidate at the SAI, Department of Political Science, Heidelberg University. His doctoral research on the delineation of Indian grand strategic thought (Working title: “Identity and Conflict: Social Cleavage Theory and the Formation of India’s Strategic Culture(s)”) is supervised by Professor Subrata K. Mitra. Bernhard Beitelmair-Berini is a member of the editorial staff at the 'Heidelberg Papers in South Asian and Comparative Politics' (HPSACP), as well as a research fellow of the 'South Asia Democratic Forum’ in Brussels.  


Academic Work Experience

Senior Research Assistant at the Department of Political Science, South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University (since 2014)

Lecturer at the Department of Political Science, South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University (since October 2014)



SoSe 2017: B.A. Seminar: "Grand Strategic Choice: India's Debate on Strategic Culture";

WS 2016/17: B.A./M.A. Seminar: "An Introduction to India’s Foreign Policy since Independence";

SoSe 2016: B.A. Seminar: "Rüstungs- und Raketenprogramme in Südasien und ihr Einfluss auf das militärische Gleichgewicht der Region“;

SoSe 2015: B.A./M.A. Seminar: “Advanced International Relations Theory in the Context of South Asia”;

WS 2014/15: B.A. Seminar: “An Introduction to the International Politics of South Asia”;

M.A. Seminar: “Strategic Culture(s): An Ideational Approach to South Asian Foreign and Security Policies”;

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