CFP simposio "Narrativas del terror y la desaparición en América Latina"

Viena 15-20 de julio del 2012
Organizado por el grupo de investigación "Narrativas del terror y la desaparición" de la Universidad de Heidelberg
en el marco del 54. Congreso Internacional de Americanistas
Fecha límite para los abstracts: 31. agosto del 2011


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Rosario Figari Layús



From 2011: PhD candidate in Political Sciences, Philipps University of Marburg, Germany;

2010: Master of Arts in Social Sciences, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany;

2004: Diploma in Sociology, University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina;

From 2009: Degree in Law, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Madrid, Spain.

Fellowships and Awards

06/2009: Ulster University and the Transitional Justice Institute, Summer School: “Transitional Justice and Peace negotiations”, Derry, Nordirland;

07/2008: UN Graduate Study Programme: “The United Nations: The inseparable link between peace and security, human rights and sustainable development”, Geneva, Switzerland;

02/2008: International School for Holocaust studies “Yad Vashem”, Course: “The holocaust and the problem of its transmission“,  Jerusalem, Israel;

08/2007: Kopenhagen University and Ǿresund University: Summer School “Genocide Studies: Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur“,  Copenhagen, Denmark;

07/2006: Institut International des Droit de l ' Homme: 37 th Study Session “International Protection of Human Rights and Victims Rights“, Strasbourg, France.

Research experience

From 10/2010: PhD. Researcher, University of Heidelberg: Research group: Narratives of Terror and Disappeareance (European Research Council);

2008 - 2009: Research assistant for the project titled “Governance in Areas of Limited Statehood: Public Security as Governance? Policing in Transitional and Developing Countries: Human Rights and Security Policies in Argentina and Mexico.”;

2009: Field work in Colombia;

2001 – 2005: Research Assistant for the project titled “The Analysis of Genocide Practices in Argentina during the Military Dictatorship”, Department of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina;

2002: Research assistant for the project titled “Transformation of Protest Movements in Argentina between 1989-1999”, Department of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Research areas

Human rights, Transitional Justice, national and international prosecutions for human rights crimes


From 10/2010: “The Role and Effects of Trials in Cases of Enforced Disappearances in Argentina”. University of Heidelberg and European Research Council.



Figari Layús, Rosario (2010): “The role of transitional justice in the midst of ongoing armed conflicts: the case of Colombia“. Potsdamer Studien zu Staat, Recht und Politik 5. Potsdam University.


Figari Layús, Rosario (2010): “Das Verschwindenlassen: Zum Verständnis der UN-Konvention. ” MenschenRechtsmagazin 2. Potsdam University.

Figari Layus, R. (2008): “Überblick über das interamerikanische Menschenrechtssystem: Menschenrechtsinstrumente und Kontrollmechanismen”,  MenschenRechtsmagazin 1. Potsdam University.

Figari Layus, R., Kintzel, Y. (2008): “Der Demobilisierungsprozess in Kolumbien: ein Beispiel für Transitional Justice? ”. MenschenRechtsmagazin 2. Potsdam University.

Figari Layus, R. (2005): “Die Paramilitärs sind ganz gewöhnliche Verbrecher. Ein Interview zu Demobilisierung und Straflosigkeit,” Latein Amerika Nachrichten 377: 13-15.


November 2010: III Symposium: “Memoria,Narración y Justicia.”, CCHS-CSIC , Madrid, Spain.


May 2011: Annual Conference of the Austrian Latin America Institute, Vienna, Austria.



Permanent Assembly for Human Rights (Asamblea Permanente por los Derechos Humanos, APDH), Argentina.

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