Current term

Summer Term 2021


Dezentralisierung in Europa

Seminar for Undergrade (BA) Level (Pol_P5)

Monday, 12-14, Access on request


Analyseverfahren für kategoriale Variablen

Seminar for Undergrade (BA) Level (Pol_P6 & Pol_P7)

Monday, 14-16, Access on request



Seminar for Graduate (MA) level (WP2)

Tuesday, 10-12, Access on request


Europäischer Grüner Deal

Seminar for Graduate (MA) level (WP6b)

Tuesday, 12-14, Access on request


Seminar zur Präsentation für Qualifikationsarbeiten

Prof. Dr. Tosun's research colloquium at the Insitute of Political Science - Workshop style format for students and doctoral candidates to present their theses.


The dates are as follows:

20.4.2021  - 14.15 pm

4.5.2021 - 14-18 pm

8.6.2021 - 14-18 pm

6.7.2021 - 14-18 pm

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