Juniorprofessorship Environmental and Resource Economics



Jun.Prof. Dr. Israel Waichman

Juniorprofessorship Environmental and Resource Economics

Alfred-Weber-Institute for Economics

Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg

Bergheimerstraße 20

69115 Heidelberg



Phone: +49-6221-54-8012

Fax: +49-6221-54-8020


Room: 216

Office hours: Wednesday 11.00 - 12.00




  • Experimental and Behavioral Economics
  • Environmental and Resource Economics
  • Sustainability
  • Energy markets



  • Dr. sc. pol. in Economics from the Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany. 2009
  • Advanced Studies Program in International Economic Policy Research from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy. 2007
  • European Master in Law and Economics. Erasmus Mundus Master Course, Europe. 2003
  • B.A. in Economics from the Department of Economics, University of Haifa, Israel



  • "Payment procedure and generalizability of social dilemma experiments" (in press) Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics (with Andreas Voss)
  • "Group size and the (in)efficiency of pure public good provision", 2016, European Economic Review, Volume 85, 272–287 (with Johannes Diederich, and Timo Goeschl)
  • "Old age and prosocial behavior: Social preferences or experimental confounds?", 2016, Journal of Economic Psychology, Volume 53, 118–130 (with Sara E. Kettner)
  • "Reciprocity in labor market relationships: Evidence from an experiment across high-income OECD countries" 2015, Games, Volume 6, 473-494 (with Ch’ng Kean Siang, Till Requate, Aric Shafran, Eva Camacho-Cuena, Yoshio Iida, and Shosh Sharabani)
  • "Communication in Cournot competition: An experimental study", 2014, Journal of Economic Psychology, Volume 42, 1-16  (with Ch’ng Kean Siang and Till Requate)
  • “Do short-term laboratory experiments provide valid descriptions of long-term economic  interactions? A study of Cournot Markets”, 2014, Experimental Economics, Volume 17, Issue 3, 371-390 (with Hans-Theo Normann and Till Requate)
  • "Equal split in the informal market for group train travel", 2013, Economics Letters, Volume 118, Issue 2, 327-329 (with Till Requate, and Artem Korzhenevych)
  • "Investment incentives under emission trading: An experimental study", 2012, Environmental and Resource Economics, Volume 53, Issue 2, 229-249 (with Eva Camacho-Cueno and Till Requate)
  • "Farmers' performance and subject pool effect in decentralized bargaining markets", 2011, Economics Letters, Volume 115, Issue 3, 366-368 (with Christiane Ness)
  • "On the role of social wage comparisons in gift-exchange experiments",  2011, Economics Letters, Volume 112, Issue 1, 75-78 (with Ch'ng kean Siang and Till Requate)
  •  "A profit table or a profit calculator? A note on the design of  Cournot oligopoly experiments", 2011,Experimental Economics,  Volume 14, Issue 1, 36-46 (with Till Requate)
  • "Managers and students playing Cournot - evidence from duopoly and triopoly experiments", 2011,Applied Economics Letters, Volume 18, Issue 2, 115-120 (with Ch'ng Kean Siang and Till Requate)
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  • "Comercios de derechos de emisión, adopción de tecnología y heterogeneidad de industrias: un enfoque experimental", 2009, Cuadernos Económicos de I.C.E, 77, 69-94 (with Eva Camacho-Cuena, Till Requate and Jose Luis Zofío, in Spanish)



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