Ulrike Middendorf

E-Mail: ulrike.middendorf [at] zo.uni-heidelberg.de
Website: http://www.zo.uni-heidelberg.de/sinologie

Research Projects and Interests

  • Emotion theory, cross-cultural emotion research, semantics of emotion terms, emotion in early and early medieval Chinese literature
    • Philosophical (masters) texts
    • Poetry (especially Shijing, Chu ci, and yuefu poetry)
    • Historical narrative
    • Medical texts
  • Emotion in religion (religious emotion)
    Emotion in art and art criticism (aesthetic emotion)
    Emotion management and meta-emotion
  • Early and early medieval poetics and literary aesthetics (including Chinese “artistic prose” [Kunstprosa], “parallelism,” symmetry/asymmetry)
  • Early and early medieval epitaph culture
  • Early Chinese epigraphy
  • Cognitive linguistics, especially metaphor and metonymy theories, euphemism, and wordplay
  • Early and early medieval music and music criticism
  • Chinese and Japanese painting, calligraphy, and art criticism, with emphasis on social and cultural significance
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