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Iberian and Ibero-American Art History

About the Iberian and Ibero-American Art History in Heidelberg / Ibero Library Heidelberg

What started out in the 1960s with Prof. Dr. Erwin Walter Palm is able to present today one of the best equipped libraries (ca. 8.000 volumes) about iberian and ibero-american art and cultural history in Germany. In addition, the Ibero Library is offering a highly appealing course range and international collaboration with Spain, Portugal and Ibero-America. With the new “Bachelor-Plus” international study program introduced in 2011 we are holding an attractive field of study within the European Art History.

Additionally to our main topics on medieval art, american urbanism and architectural history courses also cover applied arts, photography as well as the new media. Moreover the Ibero Library offers courses with practical relevance for the cultural heritage preservation as well as curatorial field.

The program cooperates with the University of León (Spain) and comprises eight semesters, integrating one year abroad. In addition to the course offerings, the institute hosts periodical guest lectures on current topics of research within  the ibero and ibero-american art and cultural history.




Miradas: Volumes 5 and 6 have been published

Miradas Vol. 5 (2022)

Volumes 5 and 6 of Miradas, Journal for the Arts and Culture of the Américas and the Iberian peninsula, have been published; both focus on the topic "Body/Fashions in Américas". Miradas (engl. sightings/perspectives) is inviting scholars to focus on the history of art and culture from the Iberian peninsula and the Américas, to view these from differing perspectives and to place them in their proper contexts.

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