Zeitschrift für Arabische Linguistik - Inhalt von Heft 67 (2018)


I. Younes
Raising and the gahawa-Syndrome, between Inheritance and Innovation S. 5-11
J. Heath
Vowel-length Merger and its Consequences in Archaic Moroccan Arabic, S. 12-43
C. Lucas
On Wilmsen on the Development of Postverbal Negation in Dialectal Arabic, S. 44-70
J. Rosenhouse
Modern Arabic Dictionaries: Phonetic Aspects and Implications, S. 71-89


O. Jastrow
Rescuing Iraqi Arabic aku and māku from the Hands of the Aramaicists, S. 90-93


C. Berlinches
El dialecto árabe de Damasco (Siria): estudio gramatical y textos, (M. Klimiuk), S. 94-98
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