Journal of Arabic Linguistics - Contents of Issue 59 (2014)


C. Taine-Cheikh
À propos de quelques expressions temporelles: Lexicalisation et grammaticalisation en ḥassāniyya, p. 5-24
V. Naumkin, M. Bulakh, D. Cherkashin, L. Kogan, A. Issa, I. Gumaan
Studies in the Verbal Morphology of Soqotri I/1: Strong triconsonantal Roots in the basic Stem (the Analysis), p. 25-56
A. Benkato
The Arabic Dialect of Benghazi, Libya: Historical and Comparative Notes, p. 57-102


Z. M. Hassan - B. Heselwood (eds.)
Instrumental studies in Arabic phonetics (U. Maas), p. 103-106
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