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Journal of Arabic Linguistics - Contents of Issue 30 (1995)


L. Sarig
Discourse Markers in Contemporary Arabic, S. 7-21
N. Mazraani
Functions of Arabic Political Discourse: The Case of Saddam Hussein's Speeches, S. 22-36
S. Hopkins
sarâr "pebbles" - A Canaanite Substrate Word in Palestinian Arabic, S. 37-49
M. Farghal
Dysphemism in Jordanian Arabic, S. 50-61
J. Rosenhouse
An Arabic Bedouin Story and its Linguistic Analysis, S. 62-83


K. Muhammadî, M. Daštî
al-Mucjam al-mufahras li-alfâz Nahj al-balâgha (S. Weininger), S. 84
F. Abu-Haidar
Christian Arabic of Baghdad (A. S. Kaye), S. 85
J. Mansour
The Jewish Baghdadi Dialect: Studies and Texts in the Judeo-Arabic Dialect of Baghdad (A. S. Kaye), S. 94
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