Journal of Arabic Linguistics - Contents of Issue 20 (1989)


B. Ingham
In memoriam Theodore Prochazka, jr., S. 7-26
K. Versteegh
'Early' and 'Late' Grammarians in the Arab Tradition. The Morphonology of the Hollow Verb, S. 9-22
R. M. Rammuny
Instrumental and Auditory Analysis of Colloquial Jordanian Arabic. An Update, S. 23-42
P. Behnstedt
Christlich-Aleppinische Texte, S. 43-96


W. Leslau
Fifty Years of Research. Selection of Articles on Semitic, Ethiopian Semitic and Cushitic (W. Diem), S. 97
J. Blau
Studies in Middle Arabic and its Judaeo-Arabic Variety (W. Diem), S. 97
H. Rebhan
Geschichte und Funktion einiger politischer Termini im Arabischen des 19. Jahrhunderts (D. Glaß), S. 98
P. Behnstedt u. M. Woidich
Die ägyptisch-arabischen Dialekte. Band 1-4: Texte (H.-R. Singer), S. 101
A Dictionary of Modern Linguistic Terms. English-Arabic & Arabic-English (W. Fischer), S. 103

K. Rudolph
Wellhausen als Arabist (H. Bobzin), S. 104


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