Current ArrangementsMeasures of the university for protection against the coronavirus

1 March 2023

Covid protection measures at Heidelberg University

*Update* The Covid pandemic is coming to a close and the updated regulations are paving the way back to normality. On 18 February 2023, the end of the lecture period for the 2022/2023 winter semester, the university also ended its last remaining recommendation to wear a mask in all its areas. 

Distribution of masks and rapid tests

For the last time, the university will hand out the remaining supplies of surgical masks and rapid antigen tests to staff, for use at work and free of charge, if they pick them up themselves:

As of Monday, 27 February 2023, in the central storage facility of the Central Services Neuenheimer Feld (building 367, ground floor, opening hours: 08:30 am – 12 noon) in commercially available quantities and on presentation of a staff ID or service card of the university.

Occupational safety

The Covid hygiene rules and risk assessments have gone out of effect in all institutes and facilities. Naturally the general risk assessments of workplaces still apply, however, as before the pandemic.

Covid infection

*Update* Both the legal obligation to isolate and the 5-day mandatory mask in the case of testing positive have been revoked. However, it is still recommended that anyone testing positive and displaying the symptoms should, as far as possible, refrain from entering university premises and personally attending classes and events.

Covid vaccination

The decisive key to continuing containment of Covid infections still remains a vaccination rate that is as high as possible. Members of staff can go to the university’s medical service to be vaccinated. Moreover, many family doctors offer appointments for Covid vaccinations.

Data protection

You are again reminded that all personal data (overviews, emails etc.) regarding Covid infection cases, Covid-related contact details or 3G status must be deleted or destroyed in compliance with data protection rules without delay.

Central information service in the university administration

Besides the familiar communication channels, the university administration has set up a Corona Service Portal for researchers and staff. It replies to questions and concerns in the context of the corona challenges or refers them to the internal contact persons responsible.

Telephone availability on 06221 54 19191
Mon to Thurs      8am to 4pm
Friday                   8am to 3pm