CORONAVIRUS VACCINATION University Medical Service (BÄD)

Vaccination appointment allocation

All vaccination appointments for vaccination options listed below have already been allocated. If additional vaccination options are available through the university medical service, they will be published on this page as soon as possible.

Vaccination against coronavirus by the university medical service

The University is now offering vaccinations against COVID-19 through the university medical service (BÄD). This offer is open to all employees of the university (including student assistants) of all facilities, institutes and faculties of Heidelberg University, including the Medical Faculty Heidelberg, who have a valid employment contract with the university on both vaccination dates. The staff of the Medical Faculty Mannheim will be informed separately about possible vaccination opportunities by the university medical service of Mannheim University Hospital.  

Unfortunately the university only has a limited quota of the mRNA-based vaccine BioNTech at its disposal. Starting on 18 June 2021, staff can be inoculated every Friday in the BÄD’s INF premises. Additional days will be offered as soon as it is possible to increase the allocated amount of vaccine.

The number of doses of vaccine actually available will only be known in the prior week. Accordingly, to guarantee that appointments are only made when sufficient vaccine is actually available, they will be arranged close to the time. 

Consequently, the opportunity for vaccination through the university medical service is only meant to supplement existing vaccination opportunities by family doctors and central vaccination centres. The vaccination is, naturally, voluntary and free of charge.

Please note that only those with direct employee or public servant status at the university can be vaccinated by the university medical service (BÄD). Accordingly, these vaccination options are unfortunately not available to e.g. sessional staff (Lehrbeauftragte), scholarship holders, honorary and senior professors, persons with an unremunerated occupation and employees of the Heidelberg University Hospital.

Vaccination opportunities

At first, three options will be on offer for the first and second vaccination, with more to follow as soon as possible. Arranging appointments will begin on the Thursday of the respective prior week and will follow the order of requests as they come in. We regret that appointment requests received before the start of the respective allocation period cannot be considered.


Vaccination options

Arranging an appointment

Each time as of the above mentioned dates, appointments can be arranged exclusively by sending an email to and including a full statement of the following details: 

  • Surname, first name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address by which the employee can be reached at short notice to arrange the appointment; it is strongly recommended to use a university email address
  • Landline or mobile phone number to reach the employee easily in case of questions
  • Facility or institute to which the employee belongs to

The appointments available – at the same time of day for both the first and second vaccination – will be sent to the email address given with the inquiry by the Friday after the list opens for bookings. The employee concerned must accept it at the latest by the following Monday at 3 pm. Otherwise the offer will lose its validity and the appointments will pass to the next colleagues on the waiting list. 

If someone has not received a vaccination option by email by the respective Friday evening, their inquiry will be put on a waiting list. In this case they will receive an offer by the following Wednesday 4 pm at the latest. If this does not happen, that means there are unfortunately no slots free for the vaccination option concerned. After this, the employee can send another request for a subsequent vaccination option as soon as it is possible to arrange an appointment.

For organisational reasons it is not possible to swap the vaccination days or the time of day on offer. Nor is it possible to book the following options. Hence we kindly ask you to only send in your inquiry and confirmation when you can realistically make both dates for the relevant vaccination option. No individual appointments can be agreed for the first or second vaccination, either. The only exception is for persons who have recovered and only need one vaccination.

If the appointment option is not taken up, please indicate this as soon as possible, so that the dates can be passed on to others. In that case, it is still possible to make a further inquiry for subsequent vaccination options or take advantage of vaccination opportunities through family doctors or central vaccination centres.

Prior registration

Prior to the first vaccination at the university medical service, a pre-registration via the website of the state of Baden-Württemberg is required at Please print out and take along the page with your case history generated by registering and the information sheet to your first appointment.


Follow the link for prior registration of the State of Baden-Württemberg and select “Weiter zur Vorabregistrierung” (continue to pre-registration), then “Neuer Patient" (new patient) and then the vaccine BioNTech. First enter your personal details here.

Generation of the case history page (Anamnesebogen)
Next to the tab “Personaldaten” (personal details) click the tab “Anamnese" (case history). Here you can enter your details already and then print them out via “Druck Anamnese” (print case history). Alternatively you can print out the case history page directly via “Druck Anamnese” and fill it out by hand.

Generation of the information sheet
Select “Drucken Aufklärung" (print information) to generate the information sheet and print it out.

The following must be taken to both vaccination appointments:

  • Case history page (see above)
  • Information sheet (see above)
  • Vaccination pass
  • Service card or written confirmation by the institute/facility that the person is a university employee (will already be checked upon entry to the premises of the BÄD)
  • A ball-point pen, an FFP2 mask without a vent (other masks are not admissable at the vaccination, not even medical or OP masks)

As opposed to the original information, it is no longer necessary to bring a so-called “Laufzettel” (check list).  

The vaccinations will take place on the premises of the university medical service in Neuenheimer Feld, Building 130.3. Registration takes place on the 1st floor; the entrance is above the cafeteria. Please arrive punctually and ideally 10 minutes before your appointment. Plan to leave your work in good time and include the search for a parking space, if necessary. The slots have been planned at short intervals and so cannot be postponed. Furthermore, please respect the distancing and hygiene regulations on the spot and have your documents ready when you arrive.

Vaccination telephone

For organisational queries, you can ring the coordination team for COVID-19 vaccinations on the university inquiries number
Tel.:   06221 54-19190 

Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm
Friday from 9 am to 3 pm 

For organisational reasons we ask you to refrain from queries about the status of the current appointment process. Questions posed by email can unfortunately not be answered

Information about the mRNA-based BioNTech vaccination is available to you on the website of the Robert Koch Institute. 

If you have medical issues please consult your family doctor.

General questions and answers about the COVID-19 vaccinations have been compiled on the website of the State of Baden-Württemberg.  

Our Coronavirus Service Portal Corona is available for all other concerns around the whole topic of COVID-19
Tel.:         06221 54-19191