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Heidelberg University
Institute of Political Science
Bergheimer Str. 58, Room 03.043
D-69115 Heidelberg 

Phone: (+49) 06221-54-3728


Nicole M. Schmidt studied Political Science, Economics and Slavic Studies in Heidelberg, at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA, USA and at Sciences Po Paris. Upon the completion of her graduate studies (Master of Arts) in March 2014, Ms. Schmidt began working for the Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE) as an academic assistant until November 2014. Ms. Schmidt continued on as an academic assistant at the Institute for Political Science, while beginning her dissertation in October 2014 under the supervision of Professor Jale Tosun at the chair of Political Science. Her research investigates climate policies, particularly adaptation policies in a comparative manner. Further research interests include climate change and comparative environmental politics as well as public policy. 

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Bewertung und Wahrnehmung von Grün- und Freiflächen in urbanen Regionen im Kontext von Klimaschutz und Klimaanpassung (GREIF), Working Group Politics (with Jale Tosun). Funded by Heidelberg Karlsruhe Research Partnership (HEiKA). Further information on the project can be found here.


  • Schmidt, N. M., and A. Fleig (2018): Global Patterns of National Climate Policies: Analyizing 171 Country Portfolios on Climate Policy Integration. Environmental Science and Policy.
  • Schmidt, N. M., Teschner, N. and M. Negev (2018): Scientific Advice and Administrative Traditions: The Role of Chief Scientists in Climate Change Adaptation. Review of Policy Research.  
  • Tobin, P., Schmidt, N. M., Tosun, J. and C. Burns (2018): Mapping states' Paris climate pledges: Analysing targets and groups at COP21. Global Environmental Change 48,11-21. DOI: /10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2017.11.002
  • Fleig, A., Schmidt, N. M. and J. Tosun (2017): Legislative Dynamics of Mitigation and Adaptation Framework Policies in the EU. European Policy Analysis, 3: 101-124. DOI: /10.1002/epa2.1002 (Open Access) 
  • Schmidt, N. M. (2016): Review of the book "European Union and Environmental Governance", by Henrik Selin and Stacy D. VanDeveer. Political Studies Review, 14(3). Externer Inhalt
  • Pustelnik, P. and N. M. Schmidt (2016): Where Are the Frontiers of Climate Governance Data? Blogpost: Published 13 July 2016.
  • Schmidt, N. M. and J. Schoenefeld (2016): Was hat der Klimawandel mit Flüchtlingen zu tun? Blogpost: Published 06 May 2016.
  • Schmidt, N. M. (2013): Australia and Its Swift Disaster Response Management, in: Gemenne, François, Brückner, Pauline and Ionesco, Dina. (eds.), The State of Environmental Migrations 2013. A Review of 2012, Paris.

In preparation

  • To Mitigate or to Adapt: Perceptions and Attitudes of Local Actors towards Green and Open Spaces in Urban Regions
  • Climate Change Policy and the Agricultural Sector: A Global Perspective
  • Delegation and Accountability in Climate Governance: Conceptual Reflections and Emirical Illustrations (together with Tosun, Jale and Misic, Mile)
  • Mapping EU and state ambitions at Paris climate conference (together with Tobin, Paul; Tosun, Jale and Burns, Charlotte)

Conference Presentations

  • "Climate Policy Portfolios", Conference Paper presented at the Graduate Conference in Political Science, December 13-16, 2016, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
  • “Multi-Sectoral Approaches to Climate Policies: A Comparative Analysis”, Conference Paper presented at the ECPR General Conference, September 7-10, 2016, Charles University, Prag. Czech Republic.
  • “The External Governance of the European Union’s Climate Change Adaptation Policy”, Presentation given at the WG4 INOGOV meeting, June 5, 2015, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic.
  • “Technological Options for Climate Change: The Case of Climate Engineering”, Conference Paper presented at the Graduate Conference in Political Science, December 7-11, 2014, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

Invited Talks

  • “International climate negotiations – a report from COP21” (together with Jale Tosun), Presentation given at the ‘Heidelberg Bridge’ organized by the Heidelberg Center for the Environment, January 18, 2016. Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany.



COP22 in Marrakesh Morocco – Travel grant from the Heidelberg Center for the Environment


ECPR General Conference – German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Travel Fund

03/ – 05/16

Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel – Visiting Scholar, Department of Geography (Prof. Dr. Eran Feitelson), funded by the MINERVA Foundation

05 – 06/15

Wageningen University, Wageningen, Netherlands – Visiting Scholar, Public Administration and Policy Group (Dr, Robbert Biesbroek), funded by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Action Network “INOGOV”

01 – 02/15

ETH Zurich, Wislikofen, Switzerland – Winter School “Science Meets Practice”, Competence Center for Environment & Sustainability, funded by the Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE)


Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel – Graduate Conference in Political Science, International Relations and Public Policy, Travel Grant awarded by Field of Focus 4


Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
– Summer School “Solar Radiation Management”, Remission of fees and charges

Professional Activities

  • Reviewer for Policy Sciences
  • Conference organizer (13.479,00 €; with Paul Tobin and Jale Tosun). “Climate Governance Trends: Mitigation and Adaptation Policies”. 15-17 May 2017. INOGOV, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany.
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