Ruperto Carola Future Fund

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Why do we need a Ruperto Carola Future Fund?

The increasing globalisation of our society leads to an ever more intense competition for the brightest minds and talents. But attracting outstanding researchers means offering them a highly appealing, inspiring working environment; attracting the best students and doctoral candidates means guaranteeing excellent study conditions and comprehensive guidance and support.


All this is only possible with substantial investments, e.g. to purchase new equipment or offer incentives to excellent scientists. The new Future Fund will give Heidelberg University the required scope of action.


How can I contribute?

With your endowment contribution to the Ruperto Carola Future Fund, you help us extend the university's scope of action in the areas of research and teaching. You can transfer your contribution to the account listed below or donate directly online.


Bank transfer

Please specify „Zustiftung RCH-Stiftung I Zukunftsfonds“ and direct your contribution to one of the following bank accounts. Thank you very much for your support!

Recipient   Universität Heidelberg   Stiftungskasse Universität Heidelberg
Bank   Sparkasse Heidelberg   Baden-Württembergische Bank Stuttgart
IBAN   DE29 6725 0020 0009 1328 13   DE90 6005 0101 7421 5042 29

If you have questions, please send an e-mail to


The Ruperto Carola Heidelberg Foundation is a dependent foundation and part of Heidelberg University's corporate assets. These assets are available to the university as a public corporation for its own use outside of the state budget.


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