Top Researchers Fund

Top Researchers Fund


Why does the university need a Top Researchers Fund?

The support of top professionals has a long tradition at Heidelberg University, for which we are deeply indebted to our many donors. A margin of freedom is absolutely critical to succeed in the competition for top international professionals. It is the only way to offer national and international researchers and educators career prospects and competitive salaries and to retain them at the university for the long term.



„Auch eine exzellente Universität wie die Ruperto Carola, muss im Wettbewerb
um die weltweit besten Wissenschaftler Anreize bieten, damit Top-Leute nach Heidelberg kommen. Hier unterstütze ich gerne.“

Dr. Hans-Peter Wild
Honorary Senator Dr. Hans-Peter Wild has been supporting top professionals of Heidelberg University for many years.



Your donation or endowment helps us strengthen Ruperto Carola further. Give us the critical advantage in appointment and retention negotiations and professorship appointments. Regardless of the amount you wish to contribute toward this goal, Heidelberg University offers you a variety of ways to help.

The Top Researchers Fund is suitable for smaller and larger donations. You decide if a donation or endowment is the best choice for you. The Top Researchers Fund is also the perfect vehicle for setting your own ideas in motion, e.g. should you want to support a specific endeavour.

For sizable donations, establishing an endowed professorship may be of interest to you. By personally funding a professorship, you make a vital contribution towards opening up new areas of research and creating room for innovation.

Are you interested in getting involved?

Please feel free to contact us. We will be delighted to advise you.




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