Your own sponsoring idea

Your own sponsoring idea

You want to donate on an individual basis or designate your contributions for a specific long-term purpose?​

An individual financial commitment can take many different forms. We will be happy to introduce you to the possibilities in a personal meeting. You will need to decide

  • if you want to set up a trust foundation within the university's corporate assets, or if you prefer an endowment fund or other form of long-term financial commitment. The minimum endowment is 100,000 EUR for a trust fund and 50,000 EUR for an endowment fund.
  • which research and teaching projects you want to support, e.g. a permanent endowed professorship, scholarships or individual fields of research.
  • if your contribution may be spent directly or should be used to increase the university's capital, with only capital proceeds being spent (endowment).

You can make an impact by setting up a foundation or fund that generates revenue or by making a donation that supports the university directly. You may, of course, also include Heidelberg University in your will. Whatever your decision, we will be happy to advise and support you.

Who manages the funds?

The university's capital assets and the real estate of its trust foundations and endowment funds are managed by the Division for Foundations and Assets of Heidelberg University. The division staff have many years of experience in finding solutions that best reflect the wishes and intention of the donors.

You want to support Heidelberg University? Then contact us.

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