10 x 10 – Building the foundations

10 x 10 – Building the foundations

Each contribution, whether it is small or large, matters!

Help Heidelberg University to build foundations for future scopes of action. With our initiative “10 x 10”, it is now possible. The idea behind this initiative is to find 10,000 people who will each contribute 10,000 euros to the university. This can either be a one-time contribution or spread over several ones.

They will allow Heidelberg University to determine and realize future-oriented projects on its own. This is why we need uncommitted funds. Of course, any amount is possible since even smaller contributions will bring us one step closer to our goal. We need your support in order to make Heidelberg University even stronger on the international level, so it can expand its competiveness in the fields of research and teaching.



„I didn’t attend Heidelberg University, but I have lived here for many years. What inspired me was the conviction that a university needs financial leeway of its own to position itself in the university landscape, not just state and third-party funding.“

Georg von Hohnhorst, supporter of the Future Fund

Ways of creating Heidelberg University’s freedom of action:

Ruperto Carola Future Fund

You wish to secure and to expand the top position of Heidelberg University? You want to make sure that the university will still be able to compete internationally? Then an endowment to our Ruperto Carola Future Fund may be the right choice for you. It is part of the Ruperto Carola Heidelberg Foundation (RCH Foundation), a dependent foundation within the university’s corporate assets. Each contribution matters. [More...]


Your individual contribution

You are thinking about getting involved in a bigger way and want to support Heidelberg University in the long term, so that the resulting revenues allow us to create ideal scopes of action for excellent research and teaching? You wish to individually sponsor a specific cause, for instance by naming a fund or foundation? An individual and future-oriented financial commitment can take many different forms. We will be happy to introduce you to the possibilities in a personal meeting whether you want to set up an endowment fund or a trust foundation within the university’s corporate assets or you want to talk about the option of a bequest (e.g. establishment of a foundation). [More...]

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