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Attractive Basic Conditions



The Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area is close to several airports with excellent bus and train connections for long distance and local travel. Employees enjoy discounts for public transportation and special parking accommodations.

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Orientation and Transportation


Flexible Work Hours

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Ruperto Carola offers flexible work-hour arrangements to meet the needs of its employees. Flex-time, telecommuting, and part-time employment make balancing work and family life much easier.

Work-hour Arrangements (Ger)

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The Heidelberg University “Kinderhaus” offers a variety of care options and activities for children of all ages. Even school vacations and special emergency situations are covered.

University Crèche

University Daycare Centre

KidsClub Leisure activities and daycare

Backup-Service Flexible emergency care

Holiday Childcare


Financial Benefits


As a civil service employer, Heidelberg University offers its employees a variety of ways to build assets and otherwise provide for retirement.

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