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Exchange and Networking

Kaminzimmer der Bel Etage

Photo: Atelier Altenkirch, Karlsruhe
The Career Talks create a platform for communication, exchange and interdisciplinary networking and thus tie in with the goal of the Excellence Initiative to assist young researchers with their career planning.
The next Career Talk will take place in June 2018.
Past Career Talks:
- With Professor Ulrike Gerhard, Dr. Guido Grossmann and Dr. Kay Brunner (Roche Diagnostics Deutschland GmbH) on the subject "Leadership skills - a key for a succesful career in academia and industry?" (2016)
- With Professor Jale Tosun on the subject of "Finally a professor - now what?" (2015)
- With Professor Oliver Trapp on the subject of "The appointment process" (2014)
- With Professor Barbara Mittler on the subject "Strategies for career planning in academia" (2013)
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