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Career Talk

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Photo: Atelier Altenkirch, Karlsruhe

Career Talks provide an informal setting in which to talk to University professors and representatives from industry about subjects such as daily life in academia and industry and career planning. They are also a good chance for networking with other researchers.

Previous Career Talks were:

  • With Dr. Nele Schneidereit (CRC 933 Material Text Cultures/Field of Focus 3, Heidelberg University), Dr. Frauke Leitner (EMBL, Heidelberg) and Dr. Nicola Viebig (EVI, Heidelberg) on the subject of "Spotlight on Career Perspectives in Project&Science Management in Academia" (2019)
  • With Professor Eva Grebel, Dr. Markus Ganter (Center for Infectious Deseases, Heidelberg University Hospital) und Dr. Hannes Schröder (TICEBA GmbH, Heidelberg) on the subject of "How networking benefits your career - Personal strategies to get connected" (2018)
  • With Professor Ulrike Gerhard, Dr. Guido Grossmann and Dr. Kay Brunner (Roche Diagnostics Deutschland GmbH) on the subject "Leadership skills - a key for a succesful career in academia and industry?" (2016)
  • With Professor Jale Tosun on the subject "Finally a professor - now what?" (2015)
  • With Professor Oliver Trapp on the subject of "The appointment process" (2014)
  • With Professor Barbara Mittler on the subject of "Strategies for career planning in academia" (2013)
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