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Quality Objectives in Student Affairs and Teaching

On 26/06/2012, the senate adopted quality objectives in Student Affairs and Teaching at Heidelberg University:

In line with the mission statement and the constitution, Heidelberg University's degree programmes are based on department-specific, interdisciplinary and practical goals for comprehensive academic education and for the students' future careers.
The resulting competency profile is included in the module handbooks as a universally valid qualification profile and is implemented in the specific qualification objectives as well as the curricula and modules of the individual degree programmes:

  • Development of professional competencies with a pronounced research orientation;
  • Development of a trans-disciplinary dialogue competence;
  • Development of practical problem-solving skills;
  • Development of personal and social competencies;
  • Promotion of disposition to assume social responsibility based on the acquired competencies.

The respective hand-outs, both for the wording of competence-oriented subject-specific and generic qualification objectives and for developing and revising module handbooks can be found under downloads .


In order to complete these qualification profiles, the following measures will be implemented:

  1. Close ties between research and teaching in all phases of the academic programmes;
  2. Facilitation of trans-disciplinary approaches through development of suitable courses;
  3. Awareness of the social dimensions of the departments;
  4. Improvement of the quality of courses based on student evaluations
  5. Further development of criteria for improved learning-teaching-quality based on results and findings from training and learning research as well as on student evaluations in subject surveys;
  6. Optimisation of the study environment for an increasingly diverse student population;
  7. Providing graduates with support for a successful transition to their respective careers through appropriate integration of interdisciplinary and practical competencies in the curricula, as well as organisational and advisory assistance.

The comprehensive hand-out is available under downloads.

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