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Sets of questions for External Peer Report
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External Peer Report

External peers’ expertise for Bachelor's and Master's degrees in particular, have been integrated into Heidelberg University's internal QM system, heiQUALITY, since the winter semester 2014/15. This is accomplished using the External Peer Report instrument that provides information on the degree programme's concept, the qualification profiles for the respective programmes and coherence in regard to content and structure. The results of this review are included in the Q+Ampel-Verfahren (a traffic-light rating system for quality assessment) in order to further develop the quality of the degree programmes.


The department may put forward three possible external peers, one of which is chosen by the Vice-President of Quality Development. The following criteria apply:

Inclusion criteria:

  • qualified university lecturers (habilitation) or similar
  • experience as a reviewer in peer review procedures
  • knowledge of the post-Bologna Process developments
  • experience in the establishment and development of degree programmes

Exclusion criteria:

  • persons who are currently, or were in the last five years, candidates in an appointment procedure at Heidelberg University;
  • cross assessment: persons who are involved in a department that has already been assessed by representatives of the department;
  • current large joint research projects (pending and/or current); if this is unavoidable, e.g. in the case of small departments, specific justifications must be provided.
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