Family-Friendly University - Initiatives and measures

KinderThe numerous measures planned to make Heidelberg University a “family-friendly“ university were gradually implemented. The goal of re-auditing now is to improve the related structural framework of the university and ensuring its long-term success in this field as well. Established organisations and services will be maintained and continuously developed.


Services for Families – Overview from A to Z (Ger)


Selected previous initiatives in various areas

“Academia and Family” Clearing Service
Support for young academics in balancing career and family [more...]

Dual Career Service
Service centre for dual-career partners in cooperation with other academic institutions in the region [more...] (Ger)

Generously equipped child care facilities
University crèche and day-care facilities and other support services [more...] (Ger)

Family accommodations in student housing
Housing assistance through Heidelberg Student Services and other agencies for families and single parents [more...]

“Work-Life Balance” Project
Survey of university academics by the Work and Organisational Psychology chair [more...] (Ger)

Partner in “Compatibility of Work & Family” Working Group
Initiative by representatives of business, science and politics in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area [more...]

Partner in “Alliance for Families in Heidelberg”
Association of companies, institutions and citizens to improve career/family compatibility [more...] (Ger)


Selection of future initiatives within the realms of re-auditing

  • Online portal for employees on topics regarding work/study-life balance
  • Expanding part-time study possibilities
  • Further training for persons in a leading position on the topic of family support
  • Collecting and publishing best-practice examples
  • Continuing information and training opportunities on the topic of care
  • Expanding support for student parents
  • Making exam arrangements more flexible


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