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Until Midnight—Endeavor Against the Empty Page

March 5th 2015 En-lange Nacht-185

The university library, university archives, and others invited to the Long Night of Term Papers.







  Photographic impressions of the Long Night.

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Photographs: Glenn T. Bauer, Dr. Brune Cremer, Dr. Carina Ortseifen, Dr. Michael Schwarz


Voices from the Long Night (Participant Comments)

“Diverse idea, enjoy it every time.”

“A friendly, peaceful, and academic environment, where visitors are obviously welcomed and can get the necessary
assistance they need.”

“A very lovely and entertaining presentation at such a late hour, without the dangers of falling asleep! Great participant inclusion. Very successful event!”

A scrumptious
Long Night of Term Papers. Very well organized. Friendly and delightful staff. Very excited for the next one.”

“Thanks so much for the nice reception and for the relaxing and engaging guided tour.”

“Awesome as always! How about using coffee as default sustenance?”

“Very friendly atmosphere, good coffee, and aid in the way of refreshments. Quiet and lots of light!”

“Everything was well structured. Pleasant, friendly, and quiet with superb nourishment in the form of food and drink. Super environment to work in.”

“A very pleasant working environment with an ample amount of places, comfortable chairs, tasty nibbles, and wholesome drinks. Thank you!”






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