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Internships and Hospitations

  1. In which departments would an internship be possible, and who would be the corresponding staff member?
    a. The Heidelberg University Archives as an independent institution offers internships and job-shadowing for almost all of the academic departments in the fields of photo collection, analysis of personal papers, research, and academic projects. Another important component of our internships is the supervision of academics of varying specialties who come to us in the archive.
  2. Internship Requirements (Duration, university credit requirements, pay, etc.)
    a. The student should have finished their secondary education, although in special cases, an internship before the completion of secondary education is also possible. Students can conduct an internship from 4 weeks to up to 3 months at the University Archives. If a program requires an internship to last for longer than 3 months, this can be arranged.

    b. Unfortunately, the Archive is unable to offer paid internships at this time.

    c. We offer internships preferably for history students or graduates in liberal arts. Please note that we do NOT offer internships for students of medicine or technical studies including engineering or chemistry. In addition, we require documentation of German language ability of at least C1 level.
  3.  Contacts for questions regarding internships for the Archives ONLY:

    a. Dr. Ingo Runde (Archive Director)

    b. Sabrina Zinke (Assistant Director)

    c. Applications for the Medical sciences should be adressed to directly.  Applications for natural sciences should be adressed to directly.
  4. Other offerings and remarks
    a. If an intern or job-shadower is considered committed and reliable, there is the possibility of being offered a paid position as a research assistant, the duration of which could be guaranteed for up to 5 years.

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