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In the context of workshops at Heidelberg University, we took up current e-learning topics and projects.

  • ELC participation in the workshop "Webinars in den kleinen Fächern" on 12.10.16 (announcement / slides)
  • ELC participation in the workshop "Workshop "Behind the Scenes: The Making of a MOOC" on 7.11.2014 (documentation)
  • MOOC Workshops on 17.3.2014 and 13.5.2014
  • Workshop "Mehrwert von E-Learning - effiziente Integration in der Präsenzlehre", 9.7.-10.7.2009 (Program | Report)
  • Workshop "Alles Recht beim E-Learning? Praxisbeispiele und rechtliche Grundlagen", 24.4.2007 (Lecture Fälsch)
  • "4. Workshop E-Learning", 14.11.2006 (Program | Brochure for Workshop)


Especially for the target group of IT-delegates of Heidelberg University ("URZ-Forum") lectures on e-learning topics were offered from 2010-2013 by the ELC in cooperation with the URZ. (The material is usually only accessible within the university.)

  • Lecture recordings with Camtasia Studio 8, 14.5.2013 (slides)
  • E-Learning at Heidelberg University, 20.11.2012 (slides)
  • Video conferencing at Heidelberg University, 19.6.2012 (slides)
  • Multiplier model for Moodle, 22.5.2012 (bullet points)
  • E-learning: the web conferencing system AdobeConnect, 19.7.2011 (slides)
  • Lecture recordings at Heidelberg University, 15.6.2010 (slides)
  • E-Learning at Heidelberg University,  9.2.2010 (slides)


Instructions and Handouts

  • Moodle Guides "elearning2" up to incl. WiSe 19/20:
  • Lecture recordings with Camtasia 8: A sample video on Camtasia 8 (as of 2012, Flash format) will give you "timeless" tips on what to consider in advance.




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