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Family apartments of the Student Services Organization

There are more than 3930 rooms and apartments in student dormitories. There are family apartments for single student parents and families. You can receive more information at the information centres or at the dormitory administration:

Studierendenwerk Heidelberg
Marstallhof 1
569117 Heidelberg
Opening hours: Wednesday 12.30pm to 15.30pm and Friday 9am to 12 noon

At the student services office you can also receive information on student dormitories of other providers or private offers.

Bauhütte Heidelberg

Bauhütte Heidelberg rents 2-4 room family apartments in Eppelheim und Dossenheim to student couples and families exclusively.

Bauhütte Heidelberg
Schillerstr. 26/1
69115 Heidelberg
Phone: 06221/ 9 02 70

Wohnbaugenossenschaft GGH Heidelberg (Housing Construction Cooperative Heidelberg)

To be able to rent a flat from the GGH Heidelberg, you need to have a certificate of eligibility for public accommodation (Wohnberechtigungsschein), which you can apply for at the city's administrative offices or at the Wohngeldstelle (housing benefit office: see below).

Housing benefit 

The State provides housing benefits if certain requirements are met:

  • Applicants do not receive BAföG (e.g. during leave of absence for reason of pregnancy or childcare). Student couples (married) are eligible for housing benefit if one of the parents does not receive BAföG. Parent students normally receive housing benefits unless the child is a BAföG recipient himself/herself.
  • Independent housekeeping: You have your own household.
  • Income: The amount of housing benefits further depends on the number of family members in the household, the total income of the family (including salary, orphans’ pension and alimony payments) and the rent to be subsidised. The family income may be reduced by certain exemptions and tax allowable expenses.

Further information and model calculations can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community..

Stadt Heidelberg
Bergheimer Straße 69

Phone: 06221 58-4637000


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