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Study Parents Fund

To support students with children during the Corona pandemic, the "Study Parents Fund" was established at the University of Heidelberg. Students with children at the University of Heidelberg who are not able to use childcare due to the Corona Pandemic and need short-term and spontaneous financial support to organise or finance childcare themselves are eligible for support from the "Study Parents Fund". -> more


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Maternity leave


FrauwasmerThe Maternity Protection Act (Mutterschutzgesetz, MuSchuG) comprises regulations on the protection of pregnant women and mothers. These regulations also include a period of protection, according to which expecting mothers may not be employed six weeks before childbirth and eight, respectively twelve weeks in case of premature or multiple birth, after childbirth (§3, Sect. 2 and §6, Sect. 1 MuSchuG). In accordance with the specifications of the State University Law (LHG), these laws were adopted in the examination rules and regulations and therefore apply to female students as well.

If you get pregnant during a period of examinations we recommend consulting the examination office of your subject. Do also inform the responsible person if you work in a laboratory or the like.





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