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Maternity allowance


Wandertag Clubparentes 005Maternity allowance is designed to compensate the loss of income due to maternity leave (six weeks before and eight, respectively twelve, weeks after birth). Female students who are self-insured and employed part-time (including so called mini-jobs), are also eligible for maternity allowance – either from their health insurance or from the Federal (Social) Insurance Office – depending on their insurance status:

a) Women students who have their own insurance are eligible for maternity allowance from their health insurance, if they themselves have been and continue to be a member of a statutory health insurance (compulsorily or voluntarily insured) for at least 12 weeks between the tenth and fourth month before childbirth, and if they are still employed at the beginning of maternity leave or their employment was legally terminated. The type and level of employment (including temporary employment or mini-jobs) do not affect your eligibility for maternity allowance.

Self-insured women without employment who are, however, entitled to sickness payment from their insurance, receive this amount as maternity allowance.

Note: Some employees of health insurance companies often claim that people without entitlement to sickness payments (which is often the case for students) are not eligible for maternity allowance. This is not correct. 

Amount and period of payment: The amount of the maternity allowance is calculated by the health insurance on the basis of net wages of the last three months. The maximum amount is 13 € per day. If the net wage exceeds this amount, the employer has to pay the difference for as long as the employment lasts.

Application: Application forms are available at and need to be filed with the health insurance company. Furthermore you need to produce a (current) confirmation of the estimated date of childbirth issued by your doctor or midwife approximately 7 weeks before the due date.

b) Women students who are covered by dependent insurance or who are privately insured receive maternity allowance from the Federal (Social) Insurance Office, if they are employed or if the employment was legally terminated during pregnancy by the employer and they have been working at least twelve weeks between the beginning of the tenth month and the end of the fourth month before childbirth.

Amount and period of payment: Maternity allowance from the Federal (Social) Insurance Office amounts to a single payment of 210 € maximum. The employer pays a subsidy if the wage exceeds 13€ per day.

Application: The application form can be filled in online and sent in together with the confirmation of the estimated due date (in the original) to the following address:

Bundesversicherungsamt (BVA) - Mutterschaftsgeldstelle
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 38, 53113 Bonn
Phone: 02 28 / 619 -18 88

Note: The confirmation of the estimated due date may not be issued more than 7 weeks before this date and has to be received by the Federal (Social) Insurance Office before the actual date of childbirth.

c) Female students who only work independently (e.g. freelancing) are normally not entitled to maternity allowance, unless they are voluntarily insured with a statutory health insurance and are eligible for sickness payment. In these cases, it is possible, upon application, to receive maternity allowance in the amount of the sickness payment (see a).

Note: Maternity allowance paid by the health insurance after childbirth is credited against the mother's parental benefits. The time period in which the mother receives maternity allowance is automatically considered a time period, in which she draws parental benefits, too. Maternity allowance paid by the Federal (Social) Insurance Office, on the other hand, is not credited against the mother's parental benefits.

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