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Health insurance benefits

All expecting mothers insured or co-insured with a statutory health insurance can claim the following benefits:

  1. Medical attendance: this includes, among other things, preventive medical check-ups, medical treatment of conditions related to pregnancy, prescription drugs and adjuvant, free choice of an accredited midwife to carry out prenatal care and aftercare.
  2. Hospital birth: Starting with the day of admission for childbirth and ending on the 6th day after childbirth.
  3. Homecare: Divided into medical care (a care person of the ambulatory health care station administering drugs etc.) and basic care/domestic care (in case of in-patient care, which can be avoided by medical homecare).
  4. Household help: If you are pregnant or a child under twelve years of age lives in a household, which cannot be kept up for medical reasons and cannot be managed by another person living in the household, you are eligible for household help paid for by the health insurance of the mother. The following benefits are possible:
    • Compensation for costs of a self-organised household help
    • Reimbursement for loss of earnings of the spouse (if the spouse has applied for unpaid leave at work)

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Please consider: Your health insurance will only pay for placement of your children in another household, if this placement is in response to the particular situation and the children are not already taken care of at this place on a regular basis. Your health insurance will provide you with additional information on benefits.

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