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Child allowance

Entitlement to child allowance
Amount of child allowance


Entitlement to child allowance


Unihd Kidsclub 6233Students residing in Germany are entitled to child allowance. Foreign students need a valid permanent residence permit.

Note: During parental leave or while receiving parental allowance, the entitlement to child allowance of one's own parents remains in place only if one's studies are not abandoned or interrupted. If the education is interrupted for reasons of childcare or pregnancy, child allowance is still paid for the time being. However, studies have to be resumed no more than four months after the end of maternity leave to re-establish entitlement to child allowance (of one’s parents).

Child allowance is paid until the child turns 18 years old. Afterwards, payment of child allowance depends on the following:
Parents whose children are in vocational or academic training usually receive child allowance until the end of their education, usually up to the age of 25 at the longest. The same rules apply to children who cannot take up or continue an education, because they do not find a training position. Children who are unemployed can receive child allowance until they turn 21.

Child allowance is paid to the person who is taking care of the child. If a child lives with both her/his parents, they can decide to whom child allowance shall be paid. Normally, the Family Benefits Office of the Federal Employment Agency is in charge of paying child allowance.



Amount of child allowance


For the first and second child you are at present entitled to 192 € of child allowance per month, 198 € from the third child onwards and 223 € from the fourth child onwards.

Responsible authorities in Heidelberg and Mannheim:

The Family Benefits Office of the Employment Agency is in charge of paying child allowance. As of late, applications can also be made online:

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