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Peer-reviewed journals

Stefan Klonner and Christian Oldiges, 2022. The Welfare Effects of India´s Rural Employment Guarantee. Journal of Development Economics, 157: 102848 - download

Lessons Learned? Intended and Unintended Effects of India's Second-generation Maternal Cash Transfer Scheme, with Paula von Haaren, 2021, Health Economics, 30(10): 2468-2486 - open access
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The Demand for Health Insurance in a Poor Economy: Evidence from Burkina Faso, with Michael Hillebrecht, Ali Sié, Rainer Sauerborn, Aurélia Souares, 2021, Economic Development and Cultural Change, 69(4): 1237-1300 - preview - download

Community-Based versus Statistical Targeting of Anti-Poverty Programs: Evidence from Burkina Faso, with Michael Hillebrecht, Noraogo A. Pacere, Aurélia Souares, 2020, Journal of African Economies, 29(3): 271–305 - download ungated version

The Effects of Subsidized Micro Health Insurance on Insurance Demand and Welfare Outcomes in Rural Burkina Faso, with Lisa Oberländer, Michael Schleicher, Germain Savadogo, Aurélia Souares, Rainer Sauerborn, 2015, Savings and Development, 39, Special Issue: 77-139 - download

Private Information and Altruism in Bidding Roscas, 2008, Economic Journal, 118 (528): 775-800 - download ungated version

Output, Prices and the Distribution of Consumption in Rural India, with Clive Bell, 2005, Agricultural Economics, 33(1): 29-40 - download ungated version

Rotating Savings and Credit Associations when Participants are Risk Averse, 2003, International Economic Review, 44(3): 979-1005 - download ungated version

The First-order Stochastic Dominance Ordering of Singh-Maddala Distributions, 2000, Economic Letters, 69(2): 123-128 - download ungated version

Refereed Volumes

Credit Constraints as a Barrier to Technology Adoption by the Poor: Lessons from South Indian Small Scale Fishery, with Xavier Gine, 2008. In: Globalization and the Poor in Asia: Can Shared Growth Be Sustained?, M. Nissanke and E. Thorbecke, eds., 221-249, New York Palgrave-Macmillian - download

Estimating Pro-poor Indices from Time Series Data Concepts and an Application to Rural India, 2006. In: Pro-Poor Growth: Issues, Policies and Evidence, L. Menkhoff, ed., 75-94, Berlin: Duncker und Humblot - download ungated version

Other Volumes

Feldexperimente für die Armutsbekämpfung: Zum Wirtschafts-Nobelpreis für Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo und Michael Kremer, 2019, Das Wirtschaftsstudium 48(12): 41-47 - ungated full version
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Der Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) in Indien, with C. Oldiges, Masala, Jahrgang 8, Nr. 1, Januar 2013. PDF

Quantitative Experimentelle Designs, 2010. In: Verfahren der Wirkungsanalyse. Ein Handbuch für die entwicklungspolitische Praxis, Arbeitskreis "Evaluation von Entwicklungspolitik", ed., 162-166, Freiburg im Breisgau: Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institut - download ungated version

Non-Banking Financial Companies, 2007. In: The Oxford Companion to Economics in India, K. Basu, ed., 373-376, New Delhi: Oxford University Press - download ungated version

Working Papers

Dynamic Properties of Poverty Targeting, with M. Hillebrecht and N. A. Pacere, 2020, Alfred-Weber Institute Discussion Papers, Heidelberg University, No. 696 - download

Equality of the Sexes and Gender Differences in Competition: Evidence from Three Traditional Societies, with S. Pal and C. Schwieren, 2020, Alfred-Weber Institute Discussion Papers, Heidelberg University, No. 675 - download
Also featured on Ideas for India

The Welfare Effects of India’s Rural Employment Guarantee, with C. Oldiges, 2019, OPHI Working Paper 129, University of Oxford - download
Also featured on Ideas for India

Financial Market Responses to a Natural Disaster: Evidence from Local Credit Networks and the Indian Ocean Tsunami, with Kristina Czura, 2019, CESifo Working Paper No. 7354 - download

Economic Distress and Farmer Suicides in India: An Econometric Investigation, with Sarah Hebous, 2014: AWI Discussion Paper Series No. 565 download

Cell Phones and Rural Labor Markets: Evidence from South Africa, with P. Nolen, 2010, Proceedings of the German Development Economics Conference, Hannover 2010, Verein für Socialpolitik, Research Committee Development Economics - download

Financial Fragmentation and Insider Arbitrage, with Ashok S. Rai, February 2010 - download

Adverse Selection in Credit Markets: Evidence from a Policy Experiment, with Ashok S. Rai, March 2009 - download

Cosigners as Collateral, with Ashok S. Rai, February 2009 - download

Risky Loans and the Emergence of Rotating Savings and Credit Associations, November 2006 - download

The Intra-Household Economics of Polygyny: Fertility and Child Mortality in Rural Mali, with Harounan Kazianga, August 2006 - download

Learning about Oneself: Technology Financing in a Tamil Fishing Village, with Xavier Gine, June 2005 - download

Information Revelation and Bid Shading in Sequential Auctions, January 2004 - download

How Roscas Perform as Insurance, July 2001 - download

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