Lecture by Dr. Magnus Hatlebakk

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Female empowerment and education of children in Nepal

Dr. Magnus Hatlebakk
Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen, Norway

A family survey was conducted in Nepal to investigate whether female empowerment leads to more education, in particular for girls. The relative economic power of the male and female side of the extended family was used as an instrument for female empowerment. The findings indicate, however, that both female empowerment and relative economic power affect education. There is a positive association between female empowerment and children's education for both gender, while boys are prioritized if the male side of the family is economically weak. Furthermore, there is heterogeneity between social groups in the weight men and women put on different levels of education for different gender of children. The main message is that the mother's relative bargaining power matters in different ways, and through different mechanisms, depending on the gender of the child, social group and level of education.

Date: Tuesday, 05.05.2015
Venue: South Asia Institute, Room 509
Time: 11.00 a.m.


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