Dr. Magnus Hatlebakk

We welcome Dr. Magnus Hatlebakk (Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen, Norway) as our guest at the department.

He will stay from November 2 to 11, 2015.


Dr. Magnus Hatlebakk

Senior Researcher

E-mail: magnus.hatlebakk@cmi.no

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Economist focusing on poverty, social exclusion and rural development. Hatlebakk studies household level poverty traps that may result from inferior positions in the rural labor and credit markets. He applies game theory as well as quantitative and qualitative empirical methods to understand the relatively complex economic- and social interactions between landlords and the less wealthy households within village economies.

His main line of research, including his Ph.D. from the University of Bergen, covers informal credit and labor markets in rural Nepal, and includes analyses of interventions into poverty traps by way of micro-credit, workfare programs and land-reforms. He has also conducted a number of field-works in rural Nepal.

More recently, his research has developed into a focus on economic and social exclusion, in particular bonded labor and caste-based discrimination, as well as analysis of the civil conflicts in Nepal. Hatlebakk is also involved in research on nutritional demand among the poor, and the quality of rural health services.


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