Career Paths and Continuing Education

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Heidelberg University offers its junior scientists clearly structured career paths aimed at attracting and retaining young talent from the international marketplace.


Improving career opportunities

Junior scientists at Ruperto Carola can choose from four equivalent career tracks:

  • traditional habilitation
  • independent junior research group leader
  • junior professorship
  • tenure track professorship

Postdocs and junior research group leaders have the opportunity to be appointed junior professors within the so-called “ten-year track” model. After an international call for proposals, the best junior researchers will receive a 6-year appointment. This gives them the chance to enhance their research and teaching profile, enabling them then to apply for full professorships. Research and teaching at the university profit greatly from this model since the junior researchers work at Heidelberg University during a highly productive phase of their careers.

The already successfully introduced position of start-up professor closes the gap until appointment to a full professorship.


Continuing education

With its “Auf dem Weg zur Professur” management programme, Heidelberg University offers selected young scientists a broad spectrum of educational opportunities that prepare them for university leadership and management responsibilities and support them in personal career planning and interdisciplinary network-building. Furthermore, young researchers at Heidelberg University can take advantage of a wide range of opportunities within the framework of the educational programme.

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