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Airyx (2017)
Airyx develops, sells and rents customised, high-precision measurement equipment for gases. Optical metrology is based on DOAS technology or a further development of it. At present it concentrates on nitrogen oxide (NO2/NO/NOx) gas concentrations, but also covers formaldehyde, ozone and sulphur dioxide. For over 3 years, there has been great interest in NOx-ICAD, a nitrogen oxide measuring instrument originally developed at the Institute for Environmental Physics, for which a patent application has been filed. The novel, transportable in-situ measurement equipment can be used for mobile measuring of nitrogen oxide pollutants, which is unprecedented to date. A further application is emissions measurement from vehicles, which works by determining the real emission values from simple measurements in the exhaust fumes. In addition, we offer ‘immission’ (environmental impact) and emission measurements that have so far not been possible with existing measurement technology; this is an offering for various institutions and industrial clients.


HD Vision Systems GmbH (2017)
HD Vision Systems develops sensor technology and software for optical measurement and the 3D reconstruction of object geometry and surface properties. HD Vision Systems measures surface gloss more accurately than current procedures. Through flexible light field imaging this technology allows for quite new applications, with great versatility of products. Whether it is about in-line or at-line checking, photo-realistic modeling, or robot vision, the systems are based on modular software and thus enable a rapid development of new applications.


Heidelberg Delivery Technologies GmbH (2017)
Heidelberg Delivery Technologies GmbH is developing a technology platform for the oral administration of peptides and proteins. Peptide or protein-based medications are required in order to treat many chronic diseases. A special problem is, however, that peptides and proteins cannot be administered orally as they degrade rapidly in the gastrointestinal tract and/or are not absorbed. They normally have to be injected. Thanks to our technology, it will be possible to go without the use of injections.


Plan W – Agency for Strategic Communication (2016)<br /> Plan W offers advice for actors from business, parties, administrations, associations and NGOs at all levels of political communication. It implements a holistic communication that is developed strategically by W-3 step procedure. The two founders come from political party work and have many years of experience in the most varied spheres policy advice, as well as in consulting on PR and Social Media. The holistic approach to Plan W connects this background with classical elements of press and PR activity, innovative online communication and unconventional approaches like guerilla marketing. In addition, their advice is supported by solid expertise on political science. Plan W is an owner-managed agency with its head office in Heidelberg. The office premises are located in the Heidelberg Centre for the Cultural and Creative Industry, in Division 16 of the University administration.


LEX superior (2016) LEX superior is an app enabling access to all the relevant provisions of German federal and state legislation, as well as European law. The intended user group is all students and particularly law students doing the trainee period (clerkship) required for their final state exam. What is special about LEX superior is that the user interface is tailored to the working habits of law students and the user interface can be used intuitively. The three founders of this platform intend to continue expanding the content with relevance to the law degree and trainee period. LEX superior is available both as a mobile app (Android and iOS) and a web app (Chrome und Safari).


GetSafe (2015) Getsafe is a pioneer in the European Insurtech scene based in Heidelberg. Getsafe brings the methods used by all-sector insurance companies, such as Axa or Allianz, into the digital age and ensures that young clients can sign up to their insurance policy by App, in real time and paper-free. They can also change it and report damage. Reputable partners such as Munich Re, one of the biggest re-insurers in the world, and leading venture capital investors such as Rocket Internet, Partech Ventures and Commerzbank hereby support the generation of new insurance products.


SPONSORT is the first crowdfunding platform for creative and sustainable ideas, projects and startups in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. It takes the ideas of local individuals and plugs them into the power of companies in the area to boost the region's attractiveness and create more livable cities. The projects presented on SPONSORT are a win for all concerned. People can turn their creative ideas into reality and thus improve the quality of life right where they live. Companies are able to promote projects effectively and realise their own tenets of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to benefit the region. All actors have access to high-profile tools that facilitate an ideal level of cooperation and a new form of CSR: Companies become the initiators of their own projects or sponsors of others using transparent sponsoring models, support mechanisms such as the crowdfund, or a separate personalised Web subpage.


Heidelberg Kolleg (2015)
The Heidelberg Kolleg is a private education provider whose goal is to support young people in finding the educational pathway that is right for them. Our team is made up of young academics who get to know the prospective students in depth in order to individually address their concerns and needs. Taking into account the fast-paced world and the constantly changing employment market, the Heidelberg Kolleg stresses client individuality above all and the discovery of his or her unique facets, talents and nature. Self-actualization and development rests primarily on how knowledge is shared and counsel given, which is why the Kolleg's concept is based on current scientific knowledge, the quality standards for counselling and education as well as experience in practical implementation.


German Renewables (2015)
German Renewables specialises in consulting to German companies working in the fields of soil, air and water conservation for exports to Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the People’s Republic of China. Sound guidance on investment decisions and market entry supports these primarily medium-sized firms in developing new markets. German Renewables is a spin-off of the Institute for Political Science. While working on his dissertation comparing the environmental policies of democracies and autocracies, company founder Marius Melzer discovered a wealth of innovative environmental protection firms in Germany. Environmental problems, however, occur chiefly in developing and emerging countries. This gave rise to the business idea of opening new business opportunities to German companies working in the environmental field.


FZM LuciaOptics (2014)
FZM LuciaOptics is an innovative, non-profit microscopy company that offers a research & development platform featuring its own high-resolution light microscopy technologies. In collaboration with partners, the company develops super-resolution microscopes for routine use by technicians and specialists in molecular biology laboratories, for medical diagnostics and for materials testing. Once market-ready, the products are sold by the industrial partners. FZM LuciaOptics researches the application of super-resolution microscopy in the fields of molecular biology, medicine, and materials science.


CONIAS Risk Intelligence GmbH (2014)
CONIAS Risk Intelligence is an independent company that specialises in risk management of political conflicts. Not only in their most extreme form – war – do political conflicts pose recurring threats to employees and business processes. The seriousness of a given situation is often recognised too late, sometimes leaving only minutes to spare to snatch personnel and property from harm. Our internationally unique methodology, developed and fine-tuned over 20 years of research work at Heidelberg University, allows early detection of threats and gives you a critical advantage in protecting your employees and safeguarding your business.


Studybees UG (2014)
Studybees places private tutors for all courses of study at German universities. Students can use the Studybees online platform to select their university, field of study and the course in which they are having difficulty (e.g. “Statistics 101”) and receive a list of available tutors. What makes the service special is that students don’t just receive general help, such as in math, but support specific to the course in question. Studybees does this by finding other students who have already taken that exact course and encouraging them to help their fellow students. (Ger)


PIGAS UG (2014)
PIGAS (Program on International German Application Service) is a semi-automatic, cloud-based consulting software service. The aim of the program is to advise and place foreign students, graduates and young researchers who wish to pursue career opportunities in Germany.
The application process at Germany universities is often complicated and protracted. PIGAS helps those interested to apply to German universities and other scientific and scholarly institutions. PIGAS uses an intelligent cloud service enhanced with and augmented by traditional personal consulting with its customers, making the process for foreign applicants much easier and quicker.


pallas_ludens GmbH (2014)
Braking in time, early detection of ecological threats or the diagnosis of disease – it can all be supported by machines that automatically ‘see’. But people see even better and can teach the computer a lot. Currently setting up shop, pallas_ludens GmbH has set its sights on motivating people to solve these vision tasks through play. Using mobile games, gamification and crowdsourcing, their goal is to amass a volume of data that research alone cannot.


IHO GmbH (2014)
IHO GmbH is a consulting firm founded in 2014. With over 15 years experience of the founders in medical molecular diagnostics, the company specialises in supporting molecular laboratories in standardisation and optimisation of internal processes. It focuses in particular on implementing more sensitive methods and internationally comparable results.

The information system developed for this purpose, the “Global in-depth supervised monitoring system for laboratory diagnostics” (GISMO) enables the seamless exchange of information with the laboratories.


msmommer GmbH (2014)
msmommer GmbH supports the application of modelling, simulation and optimisation in industry and science. Thanks to the many years of experience of its founder, Mario Mommer, the company provides expert support in the development and refinement of software and offers project consulting to improve workflows and development. (Ger)


Bürgerwerke eG (2013) The company Bürgerwerke eG (‘citizens’ utilities’) was founded by the cooperative Heidelberger Energiegenossenschaft and other energy-generating groups in order to supply households and companies all over Germany with citizens’ power that is 100% renewable. It now consists of over 80 citizens’ energy cooperatives and has over 12,000 participants all over Germany. Based in Heidelberg, it is a central actor in citizen support for energy transition. Besides providing green electricity, the company links up energy transition activists and opens up other business areas for them to tap into: e.g. tenant power models to supply solar power direct from the roof, or a citizens’ network of charging stations for electromobiles. (Ger)


Made for Use (2012)
Boring presentations, bad graphics or illegible writing?! So unnecessary, thought students Jan Heiermann and Maximilian Ott, and created a wealth of presentation templates. They are available as apps for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


Medical Ethnology Team (2012)
Finding culturally sensitive solutions in healthcare is the aim of the Medical Ethnology Team of Verena Keck, Julia Thiesbonenkamp-Maag and Franziska Herbst. They share competencies that help in dealing day to day with patients of different cultural backgrounds. (Ger)


Space Bonding GbR (2012)
Space Bonding gives citizens the opportunity to share in the important decisions in city planning. Manuel Steinbrenner, Steffen Becher and Matthias Burgbacher produce interactive surveys that give voice to the views of citizens in urban development, thus creating another cornerstone of a civil society. 


Tommoko UG (2012)
Making innovation and vision a reality requires financial support. Tommoko offers a crowdfunding platform especially for researchers and their projects. In crowdfunding, private individuals acquire a percentage of a young company with extraordinary ideas. Andrew Isaak enables companies with no loans or funding to grow. 


Heidelberger Ideen e. V. (2012)
It’s a good idea, but now what? Heidelberg Ideas e.V. is a student association that carefully studies your idea and gives you valuable feedback. In casual individual or group meetings, ideas are fleshed out and future business founders given invaluable impetus.  


HPC Simulation Software & Services (2011)
HPC Simulation Software & Services was established in the UniTT Start-up Centre in 2012 by applied mathematician Dr. Markus Blatt, co-developer of the “DUNE” simulation software for super computers. The one-person company adapts the software for application by industrial and research clients. DUNE is able calculate complex flows of water or air around bodies and thus provide e.g. the automobile industry with virtual wind tunnel studies.


BlindAd UG (2011)
A platform for meet-ups, especially for students new to the city and looking for friends with similar sports and leisure interests.  It was founded in 2011 by brothers Dominik und Nicolas Amann.  One studies medicine in Freiburg, the other mathematics in Heidelberg.


Extoll GmbH (2011)
This new company is developing a new kind of network for supercomputers at the Chair of Computer Architecture (Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brüning). The performance of such computer networks is largely determined by the speed and latency of the connection technology and by the number and capacity of the processors involved. The current trend in high-performance computing is to combine maximum performance with minimum energy consumption. The application range of such supercomputers also includes database systems. The new technology will be three to four times more effective than commercial solutions available today. Extoll is being funded for a period of 18 months in phase 1 of the EXIST Transfer of Research programme.


HEG Heidelberg Energiegenossenschaft e. G.
Founded by students of the University of Education (Pädagogische Hochschule, PH) of Heidelberg and by Heidelberg University, this company aims at installing solar collectors on the roofs of university and PH buildings. HEG has been collecting funds from students, employees, professors and other interested persons since 2010 in order to invest them in climate-friendly energy systems. The cooperative runs over 20 solar plants in Heidelberg and environs; in cooperation with citizens’ utilities it has been supplying households and companies with green electricity from the region since 2014. (Ger)


Trapp ChemTech GmbH & Co KG
Founded in 2010 by Prof Dr. Oliver Trapp of Heidelberg University’s Institute of Organic Chemistry, this company develops new devices for high throughput analysis. These devices combine chromatographic separation techniques that are used to break down mixtures like mineral oil into their components with multiplexing processes, accelerating analysis by a factor of 10 to 15.


chocoBRAIN (2009)
chocoBRAIN ist ein Online-Marketing-Unternehmen aus Heidelberg, das eine All-in-One Marketing Software als Webservice bereitstellt. Firmen generieren mit der Software Besucher und Neukundenanfragen über die eigene Website. Das Unternehmen wurde 2009 gegründet und ist in Deutschland der erste Inbound-Marketing Softwareanbieter für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen.


Semesterbooks UG (limited liability)
This internet-based marketplace for used books is aimed at students and focuses on a specific region centred around a university. It is similar to a social network in that tips and information about literature (required by the professor at the respective university) can be shared with others. was founded by two students in 2008. (Ger)


Glossarmanager Irmela Obermann & Frank Brempel GbR (2008)
This start-up has developed a terminology management software for translators. (Ger)


mediCyte GmbH
Founded in 2007, this biotech firm, which grew out of the University Biochemistry Center (BZH), is focused on the controlled production of human liver stem cells for products for research, industrial, and therapeutic applications.


Madhyam Consulting Volker Oberkircher (2007)
Offers intercultural communication and consulting services for companies planning to break into the Indian market. (Ger)


Stella Nova Entertainment
Initiated by Prof. Christian Enss of the Kirchhoff Institute for Physics, this company has been conducting physics experiments that fascinate both adults and children since 2007, creating a special connection between science and entertainment. (Ger)


Dosing GmbH (2006)
This company developed the web-based AiD-Klinik database at Heidelberg University Hospital. The database allows doctors, pharmacists and nursing staff to research the risks of drugs and convert the quantity of active ingredients in different preparations. (Ger)


Certon Systems GmbH (2005)
Founded in 2005 by members of Heidelberg University, this company develops and markets professional mass storage solutions for small and medium-sized companies. The storage solutions of Certon Systems create measurable added value for customers.


evaplan GmbH (2004)
This company was founded by members of the Institute of Public Health of Heidelberg University. It offers consulting services on public health issues to German and international organisations for development cooperation, based on the tenets of social justice and human rights. Consulting centres on HIV and AIDS, sexual and reproductive health and the development of health care systems.


b-educated GmbH
Founded in 2002, b-educated offers consulting services for the conception, implementation and evaluation of measures for staff development, (continuing) education and knowledge management.


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