Studium Generale

Every semester, the “Studium Generale” public lecture series examines a subject from a number of different perspectives. [More...]

Junior University

The Junior University programme supports and coordinates all university activities aimed at children and teenagers. The programme is part of the Knowledge Exchange and Innovation initiative within the Excellence Initiative and reaches more than 10,000 children, teenagers and prospective students every year. [More...] (Ger)

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Knowledge Transfer

Heidelberg University aims at making scientific findings available to the whole of society. To this end, the university promotes the continuous exchange of knowledge with businesses, industry, cultural institutions, local authorities and associations.


Industry Cooperation and Technology Transfer

Sternenlicht Physik 100x100 The “Industry on Campus” project, a cooperative effort between Heidelberg University and industrial enterprises on campus, is part of the university’s institutional strategy. Two leading-edge clusters further enhance this cooperation. [More...]


Knowledge Exchange and Networks

Sternenlicht Physik 100x100Due to the proximity of Heidelberg University to the non-university research institutions and the companies in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area, countless networks for promoting dialogue have emerged. [More...]



Service Knowledge transfer

Business Start-ups

Start-up Management of Heidelberg University supports students, alumni and employees in establishing new enterprises. Support during the planning phase is given, in particular, to those start-ups founded in good, solid ideas or the commercialisation of research results. [Mehr...]


Patents and Intellectual Property

Patents safeguard intellectual property. Just as every book author has a copyright, an inventor of a technical/scientific innovation can apply for patent protection. The author is entitled to royalties, the inventor to remuneration. According to the German Law on Employee Inventions, this is split between the employer and the employee. [Mehr...]


Congresses and Conventions

Heidelberg University hosts congresses and conventions of the highest calibre. The university city of Heidelberg is an excellent location for scientific conferences. While the university gives the city its character, Heidelberg also boasts a wealth of research institutes and rapid-growth businesses. [More...]


Trade Shows

The university takes part in international trade shows covering all disciplines (Achema, Biotechnica, Hannover Messe, etc.) and supports its scientists in their preparations for the shows.However, supporting regional exchange cooperations and “marketplaces” is particularly important. [More...]


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