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Related Information
International Bureau

The Federal Ministry for Education and Research's (BMBF) International Bureau advises German institutions on the subject of international research cooperation and provides financial support for the development of new contacts and collaborations.


Information Service


The Electronic Research Funding Information Service keeps you up to date on current proposals, international, European, and national research funding programmes, and relevant research topics. [More...]

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International Funding Organisations

Globus The increasingly interconnected nature of research makes it more important than ever for researchers to be active at an international level. One way to finance research projects is through international institutions and organisations that offer funding for research projects and international collaborations.

These organisations also help young researchers to conduct independent research early in their careers as well as to exchange information and to network on an international scale. The programmes of international funders support not only young German researchers abroad, but young researchers from abroad who wish to conduct research in Germany. The internationally funded projects at Heidelberg University are mapped in the research database.


Key International Funding Organisations


European Science Foundation (ESF)

The European Science Foundation (ESF) offers funding instruments to strengthen research collaborations across national boundaries, the formation of networks and the development of infrastructures. [Home Page]


German Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (GIF)
The GIF uses monies from the German Federal Ministry for Research and Technology and the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology to fund collaborations between Israel and Germany. Projects from all fields are funded. Calls for proposals for specific areas of research are published annually. [Home Page]


Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP)

The HFSP is an international programme to promote basic research in the life sciences. Funding is provided in the form of research grants and fellowships. [Home Page]


National Institutes of Health (NIH)
The NIH is the national funding agency for health research in the USA. Heidelberg University is a cooperation partner in several NIH projects, usually in a subcontracting role with universities and research institutes in the USA. [Home Page]


Santander Universitäten
As part of the framework agreement with Heidelberg University, Banco Santander supports international exchange opportunities for students, scholars and scientists, thereby strengthening Ibero-American-German dialogue. [More...]


Proposal Tips

Tax liabilty reversed

Please note that the reverse charge mechanism applies when services are exchanged with foreign partners (usually defined by a subcontract or invoice). Under this mechanism, the service recipient is responsible for payment of VAT, not the service provider. These costs should be budgeted in the project proposal. Contact Heidelberg Research Service for more information.


Administrative guide to research funding

The guide describes the most important rules and procedures for third-party funding at Heidelberg University. [More...]


Advisory Service

The Heidelberg Research Service offers advisory service, project management and legal services for research projects of Heidelberg University researchers. [More...]




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