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Field of Focus 2: Structure and Pattern Formation in the Material World

Astronomie Elliptische Zwerge 250x125This Field of Focus links synthetic chemistry with the physics of complex systems, pure mathematics with theoretical physics, and numerical mathematics with chemistry and physics. It provides the infrastructure required to link the numerous common research interests of the three strong scientific-mathematical disciplines across subject boundaries and aims at understanding common structures on all scales in the material world.

As part of an international collaborative network, the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy will concentrate on the three main subject areas fundamental particles and their interaction, astrophysics and cosmology, and complex quantum systems, but has also ties to biophysics, environmental physics, and physical information technology. In the 2nd funding phase, the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science will continue to integrate its basic and applied subject areas and to intensify its internal, national and international networking.

The Faculty of Chemistry and Geosciences has won international recognition through its fundamental research on catalysis and material research, and the study of molecular structures and functions including their numerical modelling. This research affects related disciplines and creates cross-links to the life sciences and medicine. Physics, chemistry and mathematics have initiated collaborations to establish material sciences as a common subject in Heidelberg.


Institutions established within the Excellence Initiative

Heidelberg Graduate School of Fundamental Physics

Heidelberg Graduate School MathComp

Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing (HCI)

MAThematics Center Heidelberg (MATCH)

Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE)


Faculties, institutes and centres

Physics and astronomy

Faculty of Physics and Astronomy

Centre for Astronomy

Heidelberg Center for Quantum Dynamics

Collaborative Research Centre „The Milky Way System“

Transregional Collaborative Research Centre „The Dark Universe“

Chemistry: catalysis and organic electronics

Department of Inorganic Chemistry (Ger)

Institute of Organic Chemistry

Institute for Physical Chemistry (Ger)

Collaborative Research Centre „Molecular Catalysts: Structure and Functional Design“

Catalysis Research Laboratory (CaRLa)

Innovation Lab

Mathematics and Scientific Computing

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (Ger)

Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing

Geo- und Umweltwissenschaften

Institute for Earth Sciences (Ger)

Institute of Geography

Institute of Environmental Physics

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