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The Call for Submissions of academic Funding Lines by the Research Council of Field of Focus 4 “Self-Regulation and Regulation: Individuals and Organizations” is an essential part of the Future Concept of Excellence Initiative II in Heidelberg. These Calls offer funding opportunities for small- and middle-scale academic projects. The Funding Lines aim to initiate as well as to deepen interdisciplinary research activities relating to questions of self-regulation and regulation of individuals and organizations in respect to the core areas Distributional Conflicts and Globalization, Decision Making and Rationality, Culture and Society as well as Body and Mind. There is a sum of 240.000 € per year available for these specific purposes. The distribution of those grants will take place in a university-wide competition in accordance to the following Funding Lines:

I. Funding for the establishment of large-scale research groups with an interdisciplinary orientation (max. 60.000 €)

II. Initial funding for and intensification of already formed interdisciplinary research initiatives (max. 10.000 €)

III. Initial funding for network activites and public relations (max. 5000 €)

Details regarding the current Calls for Submissions here.


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